Every Hub Dot experience is different. We work closely with each client to ensure our formula works its magic for your unique set of organisational requirements. 

Hub Dot effectively plugs into your business for a one-off event or can be managed as a programme of workshops, events and training in a way that helps you achieve long lasting, visible results.

Whether you’re a government borough that wants to improve community relations or a corporate looking to transform the way employees feel at work, talk to us today about what the Dots can do for you.


“We’ve made six hires and have been nominated for the most innovative approach to Graduate Recruitment. We are delighted with our ROI.” 


Dot Talent

Programmes that help transform corporate culture and attract and engage a new generation of talent. We give employees a renewed sense of belonging - the key to success for any organisation.

Dot Impact

Programmes for non profits and local government that reduce social isolation and build bridges across communities and cultures.


Dot Reach

Programmes to help retail and consumer goods brands find new audiences and launch in new markets using the language of the dots and rooted in a brand’s culture, values and philosophy.

Dot Learn

Training for anyone who wants to adopt the Hub Dot philosophy in their company culture.


Talk to us today about how the Dots could transform your organisation.