The Dots have their own passport. 


Antigua, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Naples, Paris, Portland, Riga, Rome, Turin, Washington DC.

"A Hub Dot event is an environment where we can think of ourselves not by job descriptions or status labels, but by the lives we lead and the direction we are going in, our identity...where meaningful connections can be made. We call this Alchemy." Simon Barbieri, founder. 




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Hub Dot Madrid "First Anniversary"

25 January 2018 • 20.00 - 22.30


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Hub Dot London


"5 Year Anniversary"

8 February 2018 • 19.00 - 21.30


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Hub Dot Milan "Ricomincio da me"


23 February 2018 • 18.30 - 21.00



Past Events

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Hub Dot Antigua 1st Supper Club: "Nurturing Ourselves and Others"

23 November 2017

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Hub Dot Luxembourg "Celebrating Entrepreneurship" at European Entrepreneurs: Let's Celebrate, Connect, Collaborate

17-18-19 November

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Hub Dot London


"Piazza of Fashion" in collaboration with The Pool

7 November 2017

CS Brand Image 2.jpeg

The Entrepreneurial Spirit at the heart of Credit Suisse

25 October 2017

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Hub Dot Roma "Storytelling Supper Club - Imprenditorialita"

24 October 2017


Hub Dot at St Mary's Calne

26 September 2017



Hub Dot for FT Women at the Top summit

27 September 2017



Hub Dot Luxembourg

"Storytelling Supper Club"

27 September 2017