A New Way
Of Making Connections


Your Dot. Your story.  


Hub Dot events take a radically different approach that puts human connections and stories above job titles or social status.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps in society and business by replacing labels with coloured Dots that reflect an individual’s mindset. These Dots help level the playing field and have given over 20,000 people in 22 cities the freedom to start conversations by asking ‘What is your story?’ instead of ‘What do you do?’.

The results are truly transformational.

Read some of our community success stories or find out what we could do for your organisation.


Upcoming events


Hub Dot London ‘the art of YOU’

1 May 2019 • 19.00 - 21.30


Hub Dot for Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Platform: Meet the Maker for London Craft Week

8 May 2019 • 18.30 - 21.00



Hub Dot West Sussex Launch

22 May 2019

Coming soon


Hub Dot Barcelona ‘The Truth About Beauty’

23 May 2019 • 19.30 - 22.30



Hub Dot Trinidad & Tobago

Coming soon


Hub Dot Philadelphia

Coming soon

*Photography by Melissa Romero


Hub Dot El Salvador

Coming Soon

*Image Source John Coletti/Getty Images



Something magical happens at Hub Dot events.

Two people meet, knowing nothing of each other and having seemingly little in common. A few minutes later, they’ve changed each others’ lives. It sounds farfetched but it happens all the time.

We call it Alchemy: the power of transformational connections.



We’ve worked with some wonderful people over the past six years. Find out how the power of the Dots could transform your organisation.