Hub Dot event is a unique experience


A place to be inspired and connect through storytelling. Our events have a collective energy and a spirit of togetherness. Unlike traditional networking events, we encourage conversations to start with "What's your story?" rather than "What do you do?". By bringing storytelling to the fore, we give opportunity to find the real you.


Upcoming events


Hub Dot Birmingham Launch



13 June 2018 • 19.00 - 21.30



Hub Dot Madrid "Haciendo del mundo un lugar mejor"


13 June 2018 · 19.30 - 22.30



Hub Dot Say Hello to Summer!

25 June 2018 • 19.00 - 21.30



Online Community

We are taking our powerful, inspiring and supportive Hub Dot community online to expand the possibilities of meaningful connections beyond our events. Find your people, continue conversations.


Dots instead titles

Being categorised and labeled by others is something that we have all experienced. Yet, behind each label lies our true identity, something unique to each and every one of us. Choose your dots to help you start the conversations.



I'm established with knowledge to share

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I have an idea, can anyone help? 

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I'm here to be inspired

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I’m here to make new connections 

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I want to tell you my story


Connections that made the difference

I thought I was intelligent enough to find my own way in a completely new direction – the art world. This was not the case. I quickly felt like a fish out of water. I needed the relevant knowledge and contacts. I went to a Hub Dot event and just in three meetings I had enough contacts and help to build on my new business line. I cannot imagine a better women’s networking group than this one.
— Nur
Hub Dot has been a life changing experience. Being part of this community of real women has been a huge difference from the stiff, soulless corporate networking. I have met women who have got involved with my charity, found a new app and inspired two friends to start writing a book.
— Fabiola
When I was introduced to Suzannah, the editor of a recognised parents magazine, my chin hit the floor. I couldn’t have asked or paid for a better contact that evening and at that point in my business. We kept in contact, exchanged emails and they were kind enough to include our new business in their editorial at the beginning of the year.
— Laura

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