Wainwright Bookbinding


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Artisan Bookbinding 


Wainwright Bookbinding offers a wide range of bespoke binding and box-making services. From bespoke wedding guest books to a portfolio bound in your own choice of fabric, each project is unique and brought to life with the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

Simply get in touch to discuss an idea and you will be guided through the design process to enable your project to come to life!


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Charlotte Wainwright

A graduate from Central Saint Martins in London, has created books and boxes for a wide range of customers. The combination of her training in design and fine-bookbinding allows for a unique and rounded approach to any project. Charlotte gained her degree in Graphic Design and then went on to train as a bookbinder at a Royal warrant holding bindery in Central London for 3 years. In April 2016 she started Wainwright Bookbinding.