Handmade Bespoke Accessories


Colours, designs, fabrics, patterns, velvets, leather, beads, materials, and threads…. vquadroitaly is born from here and from my true passion toward accessories.

I create bespoke Italian handmade handbags and accessories, combining high quality fabrics and the finest Italian leather. Timeless bags and bijoux accessories are limited edition and entirely designed and self-produced.

The manufacturing is done entirely in Italy in my studio in Napoli, perpetuating a unique tradition, using the best quality leathers and fabrics, which are cut, worked, glued, attached and sewed by myself. Every single piece is unique and handcrafted, at an affordable price. 



Valeria Fittipaldi

I am a self-taught artisan, who is passionate about researching fabrics and unconventional combinations. I love being different, especially when it comes to fashion.

I know that great accessories can make the outfit and I put huge amount of commitment into researching which materials will provide a truly unique and special look.

In a landscape like the present times, where the majority of people tend to dress up and cling to conformed choices, I like to imagine my pieces are made for women with strong personalities, who want their accessories to celebrate their individuality.

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