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Job Shadowing


We help people make better lifestyle and career options by giving them amazing opportunities to shadow successful, passionate people doing work they love.

A friend of mine sold his successful business and told me he’d always dreamed of running a small hotel in the Lake District.  “Go and try it for a day” I said.  He did.  One day was all he needed to learn the typical work involved for the financial return was not going to motivate him in the long term.  One day saved him a £1.2 million and the time he’d take to learn the work wouldn’t make him happy. He bought a house in the Lake District instead and now runs walking tours.  He gets the life he dreamed of – but shaped by real, practical experience.

ViewVo was started because we learn more through experience than through any other form of learning - yet there are no services or places people can go to practically experience the job they are dreaming about.  Experts have been carefully selected: they are successful, helpful and friendly.  Most importantly, they get satisfaction from their work and they want to help.   

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Lucy Standing

I’m a chartered psychologist, Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology and Associate fellow of the British Psychological Society. I’ve worked in investment banking, strategy consulting and since having children - freelancing. Like many others, I didn’t want to freelance all my life and didn’t want to go back to the corporate world – so here I am!