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Vaai London


West. Meet East. East. Meet West.

Vaai London was created by designer Hetal, British born and of Indian descent. Growing up in the fashion capital of London sparked Hetal’s love for fashion, but she felt something was missing in the market. The exquisite, artisanal embroideries and fabrics she became captivated by during her childhood visits to India, now form the Vaai London design concept, which merges modern day styles with artistries from her heritage.

Hetal believes that proficiency in a craft is essential to every artist. Each garment is personally designed, undergoing a process that includes research, technical drawings, sourcing of fabrics and the crafting of intricate embroidery samples, that she undertakes at her studio in London. Her final masterpieces are created in her ateliers in New Delhi, India.

Multi-functional elements are key to the Vaai London design philosophy.  

Many of the pieces in the collection, are designed to be worn with wardrobe essentials, for example, on evenings out to the theatre, high-profile socials and even with a sari to a traditional Indian event.


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Hetal Patel

I’m the Founder and Creative Director. I originally trained with a PhD in the medical field but abandoned a successful academic career to fulfil my wish to express my creativity. I love the freedom that entrepreneurship and designing gives me and I’m super pleased that my first collection was showcased at India Fashion Week London 2017, with a great response.”