Rose and Willard



Slow Fashion Brand


Rose & Willard is a slow fashion career wear label. Launched in 2014 it was founded by Heidy Rehman after a long & successful finance career. Heidy and the team are committed to producing luxurious, office-appropriate, workwear at an affordable price. Our pieces are trans-seasonal. They are designed and created to last. Fabrics are sourced from Italy’s finest mills.

Craftsmanship takes place at our London studio by our small, dedicated team of highly-skilled seamstresses and creatives. Every piece is made with kindness to people and the environment.

Honest imagery, ethical production and a minimal carbon footprint are at the heart of our business. We are a brand of action.



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Heidy Rehman

Heidy Rehman is the founder of Rose & Willard. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Heidy had a long and successful career in the competitive, male-dominated, corporate world of finance and so understands the importance of being seen, heard and valued.