Room for Tea



Homesharing Platform


Cities face a real lack of supply when it comes to housing and young people are struggling to find affordable, quality accommodation.

Roomfortea is a global peer-to-peer homesharing platform, matching hosts and guests for mid-term stays.

London has 3.3 million homes, half of which have a spare room. Roomfortea unlocks existing space in people’s home without compromising the welfare of local communities.

Guests are young professionals (average age 27) looking for flexibility, mobility and a social experience.

Hosts are typically established professionals or retirees looking for reliable guests and a stable source of income.

Roomfortea makes it easy for anyone to share their home. We match hosts and guests based on languages, sleeping habits and how you take your tea!




Milena Bottero

I was born in Paris, and moved to London to study at the LSE. When I graduated, I took an unpaid internship for a non-profit and found it impossible to afford my living expenses in a city as expensive as London. I started roomfortea in 2012 as a solution to my own problem, to help a generation of young professionals struggling to find affordable and flexible housing options in big cities.