Perky Blenders



Subscription Coffee

London, and East London in particular, doesn’t need ‘just another’ coffee company. 

That might be what’s pushed Perky Blenders to being what it is today. Because it’s exactly what we are not. We’re not just another coffee company. 

We have kiosks, stalls and pop-ups. We also have a letterbox subscription service. So you can either come and see us for a cup or create a bespoke roast and have it posted on a day that works for you. Either way, we’re delighted you’ve chosen us to provide your coffee. 

And that is our mission. To provide coffee that doesn’t compromise on soil, farmer or consumer. Or the people who hand you a cup. There is no compromise when you do something well, and that is all we do. 


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Victoria Cozens

I am a wife, mother of two small energetic boys and co-founder of Perky Blenders. Previously worked in delivering IT Customer Service in international Law firms. Highly passionate about brand, high level customer service and quality produce. I’m always looking for the next opportunity to take our brand to the next level and grown our subscription customer base.