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The Niall Mellon Township Trust was established in 2003 by Irish philanthropist Niall Mellon and thanks to the efforts of over 22,000 volunteers from all over the world, the charity successfully completed the construction of 25,000 houses for 125,000 of Africa’s poorest people.  

In 2013 the charity’s focus moved to education and Mellon Educate was founded to provide educational improvements for 100,000 African children.  This is a two-phase education initiative, firstly volunteers undertake the school building works which they complete during a 'Building Blitz' week.  

Once this work is completed then the charity’s team of top educational experts set about implementing the Mellon Educate Results Programme, a 2/3-yr teachers mentoring programme to promote better teaching and achieve better learning.  To date 12 schools in Kenya and South Africa have been upgraded creating a positive and safe learning environment for 12,500 children.  This 11th-18th November over 250 volunteers will be heading to Cape Town to work on 3 schools in Khayelitsha township.  

This is South Africa’s second largest township and is an area of great deprivation.  If you’d relish the chance to help to make a difference to the lives of children desperate for a brighter future as well as to enrich your own, then please register on We’d love to have you with us!.



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Deborah Morris

Together we will empower 100,000 of Africa’s children with the tools to build a better life for themselves - Better lives through better education.