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The touch and prick of pins and needles was not new to me when I started the journey of my little home based venture last year with a stall at a school fair. 

As any other girl I loved rummaging through my Mum's fabric scraps and adoring the beads and shiny needles. I started learning on my Grandmother's old Singer manual sewing machine at the age of 15. Since then I have been creating new things, sometimes making my own clothes and sometimes things for my home.

But making things out of fabrics for my first baby girl was the best feeling. I loved sewing for her and decorating her room. And that love, enthusiasm, and feeling of achievement and pride in handmade goods continued with all of my children (All four of these munchkins).

Bundles of compliments and loads of encouragement from family and friends prompted me to make and sell. Being a proud Londoner, and with what London has given me, my dear husband, children and a new life; we came up with the name associated with London - called London Cushions.

The journey of handmade prettiness continues...


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Naila Ahmad

Wife, mother to four munchkins, and proud Londoner, with a passion for crafting with love!