Lia Younes



Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist 

Every child has a story to tell. I would like to offer each young person a safe space to not only share it, but also to help them make sense of it together. This is how we heal.

I am a fully qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Using many forms of creative arts-- from painting and drawing, to clay, puppets, sand play, music, drama, and body work-- I connect with children using their language: play and the imagination. I offer weekly 1:1 therapy sessions both in my private practice and in schools. I am bilingual and can work in either French or English.

I also support the adults in the child's life. Through bespoke group workshops and individual coaching (at home, at work, over coffee or walking together in a park!), I aim to empower and inspire you to become the nurturing figure you wish to be. Most importantly, I invite you to become more reflective: being curious about each child's experiences and also about your own: What are your triggers and why? How were your own parenting and schooling experiences growing up? How might they influence your relationship with this child today?

In addition, I can develop new creative programmes to support and educate young people on mental health. I also work with larger organisations in an advisory and consultancy role. I feel very passionate about sharing 'best practices' and all that I have learnt in the fields of child development, attachment and neuroscience. Together, we can thus create not only a safe, nurturing village around each child, but also a ripple effect of support reaching even more young people in our communities.



Lia Younes

My own story brings together many different cultures and languages (I am bilingual in French and English): I am fascinated by human development and how our earliest experiences can influence our lives. I have learned to truly respect each individual’s unique and diverse stories. I feel honoured to support children and adults on their courageous and creative journeys, and I continue to learn from them every day.