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Boutique Confectionery

Launched in October 2013, Lavolio is growing exponentially: from humble beginnings selling at food markets around London, our confectionery is now enjoyed by Royalty, at Michelin-starred restaurants, in prestigious establishments such as Harvey Nichols, and in selected boutique food stores around the world!

We work with Italian artisans to bring you the finest handcrafted Italian confectionery made using traditional techniques.

Each Lavolio sweet takes up to five days to create and is handmade in the old-fashioned way. We start by making the ‘heart’ of the sweet by toasting nuts, candying real pieces of fruit or by hand pouring our apple-based jelly into moulds. Then we add chocolate or spices one layer at a time. Finally, all of our sweets are delicately spun to form the crunchy sugar shell that naturally preserves their loveliness.

"It all started with an idea” says Lavinia "and we have now sold more than 1 million Lavolios! We are on a mission to bring you the finest sweets from artisan candy makers, beautifully packaged for an extraordinary gift experience".



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Lavinia Davolio

British-Italian entrepreneur Lavinia Davolio abandoned a high-flying career in banking to follow her passion for food. Rather than opening a restaurant or becoming a chef, she invented a new category of confectionery.