Gloria Ceballos



Visual Artist


Visual Artist (RCA) inspired by nature, working in the form of prints, installations, photography, drawings and art books.

I love to be in contact with nature and get inspiration from it. I really enjoy sharing my work with the public and meeting new people, that encourages me to see other points of view and grow not only in a professional level but on a personal one too. Enthusiastic and always looking for new ways of expression.

I am open to commissions, collaborations with interior/landscape designers and architects or to run artistic workshops for your audience, and now thinking about opening a letterpress business.



Gloria Ceballos

A mother of three completely in love with my family and art. Juggling between artistic residencies in India, Mallorca or Germany, exhibitions in London and Madrid, playdates or class rep meetings.
I deeply enjoy sharing my work and artistic skills with the public, not only exhibiting my work worldwide but also in the form of workshops. I have been teaching art for more than 15 years, from primary schools to university level where I was Head of Printmaking (UFV).