Georgina Newall



Landscape Design


Georgina Newall has built up a considerable reputation and strong client network, not only in the UK but also in Europe. She is happy working in both the private as well as the commercial sector. Her success is due to a long standing commitment to integrity and therefore quality of design. She works closely with her clients and her expertise lie in understanding their exact needs and translating those into an elegant, simple and functional design. Every garden is unique as is its owner, their requirements, dreams and ideas.

All these are taken into consideration to find a perfect solution for every situation creating a garden/landscape that is beautiful and functional. With offices in London, Vienna and Hereford, Georgina and her team provide a complete design and construction package as well as help set up an on going maintenance service, once the project is completed.


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Georgina Newall

Georgina loves gardens and feels strongly that a garden provides a vital asset
to quality of life.