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Freestyle Careers


Throughout my varied career, I’ve mastered 3 professional roles and developed the art of being lucky. This means diving into things that excite and enrich, learning new skills and growing emotionally, intellectually and socially. By throwing off the security blanket, stretching myself and being ready for the next opportunity, luck then found me!

Every stage of my life has brought new chances to grow – developing an international teaching and lecturing career; raising 3 wonderful boys; returning to work after a career break – and making returners my work; living and working in Dubai for 22 years; studying for a Masters and discovering poetry; re-training as a career specialist; jumping into the energising world of an international literary festival – meeting and interviewing authors whose books I love; moving back to the UK at the end of a long marriage to start a new life; discovering the power of coaching; and launching my own business. It hasn’t always been easy, but every experience brought new wisdom.

I am a fully qualified career consultant with over 12 years’ experience. I’m trained in the Co-Active Coaching approach and licensed by Firework™ to deliver their career-change programme. My coaching and values-discovery packages help you uncover hidden ambitions, your purpose, strengths, values and talents, and then bring them to life in your own individual design.

I believe we all have the power to re-invent – and all the answers within us. My job as a coach is to help you to trust your intuition – ‘the wisdom of the emotions’ – dare to dream and find your new direction. I believe in human creativity and that a vibrant, fulfilling life is worth striving for.

And you? Bring imagination, a desire for change, the energy to work hard and commitment to invest in yourself. Together we can find your career alchemy!



Becky Kilsby

Time has taught me that we have many lives within us and possess the power to create fulfilling futures. With 3 successful careers over 3 decades and on 2 continents, I know in my bones what change means. My mission is to challenge, support and inspire my clients to step into their own freestyle futures.