Elizabeth Erskine


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Interior Architecture & Design


Our design story begins with our beliefs; belief in light and space, in colour and texture. We believe whimsy has a place alongside sophistication. We believe high street combined with bespoke and antique makes for richer design. We believe that quiet restraint and gracious detailing turn a house into a home. Your home. These are our core values, our design mantra.  

Our design studio began after 20 years of architecture and interiors experience, living and working in 4 countries and countless hours of watching dreams fade away in the design process. Our aim was to serve our clients better. We work exclusively in 3D, so you know your vision is our vision. We work remotely, because we understand some of our clients live global lives. And we work passionately, because we don't know any other way. 

We want you to love your home, but we want you to love the process as well. 


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Beth Erskine

I began my career over 20 years ago, as an architect in the US. I practiced for 13 years, focused on interior architecture, then moved to the UK 7 years ago, and made the official leap into interior design. I’m the rarest of designers: I can design everything from the foundations to the furniture; technical and artistic. I’m a bit of a travel junkie, having lived and worked in 4 foreign countries. Travel is a big influence on my design work, seeing other influences, colours, ways of living, spills over into everything I touch.