Divorce and Wellbeing



Divorce and Wellbeing Consultancy


At Divorce and Wellbeing we provide a holistic service by focusing on your wellbeing to establish stability and clarity and by helping you understand your rights and optimise legal costs. 

We will meet you for an initial assessment to understand the challenges you are facing, to touch upon some of the options to consider and to start to outline goals. We understand only too well how overwhelming things can seem in difficult times and will provide you with a plan to look after your wellbeing along your journey. We will help you remain calm and make the right decisions with the right state of mind. We will meet you on a regular basis to follow up with you and be there to guide you in every step you take. You don’t have to face it alone.

We can also recommend a range of complimentary services from legal to deeply personal, all through trusted providers.



Ebru Avcioglu

I first moved to London as a young married woman. It wasn’t long before my marriage was in trouble and soon divorce became inevitable. I had a baby and a toddler to look after, with no job or financial security. A year later, a divorce settlement was reached mostly with the support of my dear friends. It took me many more years to rebuild my life. Now I feel stronger than ever. I started Divorce and Wellbeing to use my experience to help and support you in your journey.