Audrey Wiggin



Executive Coach


I have a passion for seeing women succeed in business.  As an executive coach, I get to work with women who are battling it out in the corporate world, climbing the ladder and breaking through glass ceilings, and with female entrepreneurs, setting up and running their own businesses and wearing multiple hats as Founder and CEO.  In addition, many are also juggling family and children.  

Although the corporate and entrepreneur worlds seem poles apart, there are many common themes that women come for coaching for – confidence, being paid what you’re worth, executive presence, difficult conversations, resilience, work life balance, giving feedback, networking, public speaking, the never-ending to-do list…and it’s my job is to help them perform at their best and live the life they want to lead.  

I work in both a one to one format, and small groups.  Groups work well for female business owners who want the network, accountability and slightly lower price point!  There will be several news groups starting in the autumn, so please get in touch for details.

"Audrey has brought transformation to my work.  I finally feel I am on the front foot, with a really clear idea of where I am heading, and armed with tools to be resilient under stress.  I cannot recommend her more highly".  Sarah - Asset Management




Audrey Wiggin

My own story starts back at Oxford University where I studied Neuroscience and Physiology, followed by 16 years working for Deutsche Bank and UBS.  I covered European telecoms, technology and media, ran a team of fifty, and was the most senior female MD in Equities.   It was only after discovering that my third “child” was in fact twins, that I had to make some choices, and the four children under four won, despite a generous offer from Deutsche of a four year sabbatical.  

I retrained as an Executive Coach so that I could combine my business experience with my neuroscience roots and started my own coaching practice in 2012.  I have a particular research interest in Stress Resilience, but my overarching passion is seeing women becoming self-aware, empowered, and truly believing they can succeed.