Annalisa Ponti



Personal Life Coach

I am a personal life coach passionate about the “Self”.

I’m very excited about helping you to give a voice to the deep identity hidden behind your personality. 

“Who you are” is much bigger than any role you fill and when “who you are” is compressed and suppressed inside yourself, you cannot be truly happy in anything you do. Understanding your deeper identity and allowing yourself to embrace your whole self is what gives you meaning and a sense of fulfilment and joy. 

“Who you are” has always been there, from the very beginning of your life experience. But you have learnt to mask and protect it behind a structure of beliefs and convictions that are constantly diminishing your light and your potential. When you better understand yourself and let go of what is dimming your light, you can truly live the life you came here for. 

Letting go is the hardest part; I know this well. This is because you are so familiar with the image of yourself that you have built. But this image is just one way to be, not the only way to be. You are so much more powerful than that. I want you to see this. 

Let me help you unfold your magnificent “Self” in its full grace




Annalisa Ponti

In my story there is constant theme: water and my favourite state is the flow. I can’t stand still for long, physically or intellectually. I need to move and explore. Water is the natural element that better reflects who I am. Soft, light, gentle, transparent, but still strong and inclined to move forward. I can’t bear to be trapped. I will always find a way to expand. Professionally I moved from International Finance to Personal Coaching and Hypnotherapy, because I felt the desire to grow and free myself and the people that work with me, of fears and limiting beliefs. I truly believe we are more capable and resourceful compare to what we have learnt to be. My passions are swimming, diving, reading, jewellery design and bag making. I know that inside myself there is still more to give to this life experience and I’m looking for the next way to do so