Ambersouk Jewellery



Jewellery Designer


Inspired by ancient mystical heritage, Ambersouk jewellery evokes a magical world capturing the nomadic past with a quirky contemporary twist.

My story is a simple one.  

A love affair with jewellery that began a long time ago borne out of a hidden creative urge to create alchemy! Connecting past and present, East and West, stories and colours through the creation of meaningful jewellery is at the heart of Ambersouk.

The sound of the call to Friday prayer, sand in my eyes blowing from the Nubian desert, regal women wearing brightly coloured veils clad in ornate jewellery, weekly adventures to the market searching for hidden treasures and wonderful people who accepted me as one of their own, is what has shaped me and defined me as a person and designer.   

I try to keep these memories alive by embodying them in the jewellery I create. For me it is a way of sharing and passing on some of the soul and magic of Africa.



Stefania Indelicato

Italian but born and raised in North Africa, with all the nuances of a third culture kid, I was privileged to be immersed and exposed to a rich heritage which I grew to appreciate, love and embrace as my own.