Alessandra Tripi


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Alessandra is an abstract painter; her paintings are to be 'touched' to grasp the essence of the colour stratification.

She paints on canvas and wooden boards, using oil, acrylics, plasters, which she stretches with her hands in an attempt to 'own' and shape her paintings. Her brush and spatula are full of colour. Colours overlap each other and stratify by unconscious mechanisms, exposing ideas, feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Her work is abstract and materic, capable of soliciting not only sight but also touch. The slow stratification of the colours tells the passages in time that the work undergoes, the experiences overlapping, in search of a plot, of an invisible wire that gives them sense to a path only in random appearance, finding visual expression on the canvas. 



Alessandra Tripi

I always thought I did not know how to draw. I always limited myself, but I’m a very creative person. And I don’t like limitations. So, 15 years ago I took colours and brushes, and started way. Abstract painting is my way! I feel absolutely free when I’m in front of my white canvas and have unlimited possibilities! I’m now proud to say my work has been shown in the Beijing World Art Museum. “

Alessandra lives in Rome and is mother to 2 girls. She is responsible for the Hub Dot Rome Team and strongly believes in the power of connections!