The Hub Dot Team



The Hub Dot Collective is a team of diverse industry professionals from around the globe, who are all aligned with the Hub Dot Philosophy. At our core is a group of people who have one thing in common: a desire to inspire and connect communities all over the world.

Meet them here. 


Simona Barbieri - Founder and Creative Director

Italian mamma, Londoner and former Goldman Sachs suit with a huge love for jazz. Passionate about bringing people together celebrating our authentic and unique stories.

Nick Besbeas - Strategy

Nick has over two decades of leadership experience in consumer technology and consumer internet companies including Microsoft/MSN, Yahoo! and most recently LinkedIn where he served as Global CMO. In addition, Nick has several years of entrepreneurial experience through a company he founded, Audience Science, one of the world’s first behavioral targeting companies.

Gisela Garcia - International Growth

Gisela has spent over 20 years working and leading many International Fashion Retailers. Former Anthropologie EU MD, Gisela welcomed us to Anthropologie in 2013. A Spanish Londoner, a mother of 2, and a activist of any social movements that bring people together behind a just cause. Gisela loves talking to strangers, listening to their stories and always carries our sticker Dots in her handbag…just in case.

Duygu Ergin - Finance

Londoner from Istanbul, former JPM. Passionate about change, Hub Dot and what it can bring to all. Finance background, with entrepreneurial spirit. Did a bit of everything: corporate life, entrepreneurship and own business. Mother of twins.

Carlotta - profile.jpg

Carlotta Benedetti - International Operations

An Italian-american architect, mother of two, passionate yogi, she lives in Luxembourg after having been in the States, Canada and UK. So for her, lot’s of moving-cities and, of course, luggage's of friends!  Enthusiastically open to new challenges, she created the Hub Dot Luxembourg team and now she is also in charge to spread the dots globally opening new cities and following the growth of Hub Dot in the world.

Kristina Sekhon - Creative Branding and Content

London based Northerner with Scandinavian and Irish roots at her core. 15 years experience in Retail Management, and consultancy roles with global lifestyle brands. Now a Mum to twin boys (she got in before Beyonce made it cool!).

Catalina Silva Griffin - Admin

A Colombian who brought to London her love of dancing, music, great food and good beer when she came to study International Relations in 2001. Having now made London her home, Catalina supports Hub Dot operations, covering community administration, event logistics and the practicalities of sharing our five dots across the world.

Georgiee Headshot Web.png

Georgiee Rodriques - Marketing

A multitasking Mum of two gorgeous girls, who took her degree in fashion design & experience in marketing, event management & lots of other things in-between & turned herself into a ‘Virtual Sidekick’. She gets to work with some truly incredible businesses, helping them grow & flourish, because lets face it every superhero (business) needs a sidekick!


Donatella Montinaro - Social

My story started in Italy, took me to France, then to The Netherlands and back to France 6 years ago; in the middle, I happily discovered another home: Hub Dot. I took part in its launch in Paris before joining the Social Media content team where ideas, words and visuals flow before being edited, shaped and shared with our community. I am a Daydreamer with a strong taste for encounters and books, and a passion for the quest of my true self and that of my human peers.


Judith Völz - Social

Born in Germany, travelled around and stranded in Luxembourg a couple of years ago and working in technology and social media monitoring. Lost her heart in the Scandinvian countries (Hygge & Lykke!!). Judith is all about multicultural communities, loves story hunting as much as connecting people. Hub Dot combines it all.


Stefania Indelicato - Event Producer

An Italian living in London, born and brought up in Africa but a world nomad at heart. Mum of three girls with a passion for creating jewelry that has a story to tell and for believing that human kindness and togetherness go a long way! Stefania supports our London events and helps us spread the magic of our Dots all over the world.

Lesley McBride - Event Producer

A Scottish person living and working in London for over 20 years. Having spent most of her career helping organisations connect with the people who work for them, Lesley loves the fact that Hub Dot brings people together in a unique way. Moving the conversation away from what you are to who you are is a concept that she is keen to share with the world.

Phyllida website.png

Phyllida Swift - Event Producer

Phyllida has spent the past three years since graduating university in third sector campaigning, having worked for Mind, Changing Faces and Face Equality International. She is a born campaigner, with all of her work championing the power of human stories in order to bring about social change. She also runs a food blog called, ‘What People Eat’ which breaks down social barriers and connects people through the power of food - her greatest love!


Frith Roche - Event Producer

An events and marketing professional with over 20 year’s experience working across multiple brands within the Financial Services sector creating experiences that enrich client relationships. Wife, daughter, sister. A passion for health and wellbeing. Keen advocate of doing more of what makes you happy.

Hub Dot allows everybody to feel like somebody - we all need a little Hub Dot magic in our lives.

Claire Headshot Web.png

Claire-Louise Walsh - Wordsmith

A Bob Dylan fan who preserves stories, in that order.

Joel Finningley - Innovation

Joel is an entrepreneur + innovation consultant focused on the sharing economy and fintech.


Lia Younes - Alchemist

Born in Paris and raised in London, I later discovered adulthood in New York and made the loop back to London. After many years of working with children in both schools and outdoor adventure settings, I now have combined my passions for play, the arts and human connection into child psychotherapy. Curious about the world and a lover of all things colourful and inspiring, I was naturally drawn to Hub Dot and now I'm hooked! 

Sophie Castell - Advisor

French and Spanish rooted, mother of three girls, Recently moved to New York from living in London. Former marketeer at Unilever, reinvented as professional coach. Strong believer that anything is achievable…it’s only a matter of willingness.


CJ Bowry - Advisor

Multitasker, multi-careers, multi-mama [2 bio, 2 step, 1 canine], 2nd wife [married to a multi-wedder] and founder of [multi-shoes]. Excited about the magic of multi Dots and multi stories.

Debbie Watson-prof.jpg

Debbie Watson - Advisor

An Australian in London, Debbie is the founder and CEO of a successful Microsoft Consultancy.  She helps Hub Dot by bringing technical insights to support Hub Dot in what they do best… making connections that matter.

Simon -prof.jpg

Simon Halberstam - Advisor

I have worked for 28 years as an IT lawyer, specialising in all types of provision and procurement agreements. I endeavour to be cost-effective and highly efficient, trying to turn work around within one day and on a fixed cost basis. I represent many IT providers, Webdevelopers, online companies and major IT users. I deal with many domain name disputes and have written books on this and other IT law topics. My clients span traditional IT, AI, VR, AR, ML and all sorts of cloud based offerings. I speak French, German and Italian fluently. Also some Spanish.