The Story of the KT*


I want to tell you a story. My story. 

I left corporate life to raise my children and nurture my passion for jazz. All of a sudden my LinkedIn profile was not telling my whole story, my connections online were not the connections that I needed to help me move forward. I felt I was many things, I was in transition - I needed an environment where I could bring the whole of me, all the dimensions of my life, personal, professional, my interests.

That space did not exist. So I created it in my kitchen in 2012.

98 friends turned up for a coffee morning at my house in London. They were asked to ‘remove their job titles' and pick a sticker Dot that would represent their mindset at that moment. 

A new way of networking was born.

5 Dots, 5 mindsets to begin the conversation with ‘what is your story?’ and not ‘what do you do’, opening up a new world of possibilities. Something we call Alchemy.

Ciao, Simona


*Kitchen Table