Valeria Fittipaldi

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I am feeling pretty emotional being here in one of the most beautiful stores in the world, about to tell you my story in which Hub Dot played an important role - Naples in 2013, I was at an event that gave me the injection of energy I needed to grow my brand.

I am not a designer, a fashion victim or a trend setter. I just love creating with my hands and I am obsessed with the power of a unique piece – that piece of accessory that has the ability to elevate your outfit and that makes you feel super confident. I started collecting buttons, pearls of all sizes, different types of materials from end of line production and samples.

Gradually what I had in mind started to take shape – the first handbags, the lampshades, the armchairs. Local artisans inspired me as much as the Singer Sewing machine that belonged to my granny Luciana. Using needles, knitting needles, crochet. I do it all myself I cut, I create, I bind together, I sew, I package it, I send all over the world.

I have always been inspired by the incredible heritage of local artisans who have made the history of my City and of Italy all over the world. My dream is to create a social enterprise that can give dignity to vulnerable women. My name is Valeria and Vquadro the name of my creations.

Catalina Silva Griffin