Lucy Standing


I’m Lucy and I’m curious – when we make a significant investment we try it out first: we test drive cars, view houses and date husbands!

Work is arguably the most important thing we commit to - it is tied up with our self esteem, sense of identity as well as being the foundation for our sustenance and independence.  Why is it that when it comes to work, we walk into it blindly without testing it out?

My business is ViewVo and it is the ‘try before you buy’ of the world of work. The idea is before you invest years of retraining or life savings in a business you don’t know you’ll enjoy, you spend a day with a successful expert shadowing it first.

And it works! We’ve done over 20 trials including Jonathan who after a day in a brewery realised it wasn’t his dream job – or Mary – an accountant who after shadowing a handbag designer, realised she had all the abilities needed to devote her time to her business. 

Experts on Viewvo charge a fee - which they either keep and invest in their own business or they donate it to charity – and no one has to run a marathon!

Work has such an incredible capacity to make us feel worthy and fulfilled and if you believe in what I’m trying to do, then please join me in my mission and share my message!

Catalina Silva Griffin