Lady Tipplesworth

L Tipplesworth - frankie.jpg

I’m Frankie Snobel, also known as Lady Tipplesworth, and I believe that style is all about connecting with a look & feel – maybe an era, a cut, a material – and making it your own. I’ve always been inspired by the Golden Era of cocktails. 

Mid-century whiskey suitcases, fine-cut crystal glassware, silver trays and red lips. For me, the thrill of cocktails is all about the experience.  The clink of ice shaking in a cocktail shaker, the smooth purr of cold frothy liquid being poured into a sparkling cocktail glass, the sip, the slurp and the laughter.

This is what inspired the launch of my business Tipplesworth 4 years ago. I created the first ever “Cocktail Case” in vintage style suitcases.

My joy. Cocktails make life a bit more fabulous, Come share your style with us and taste our espresso martinis in the break.

Catalina Silva Griffin