Amanda Marks


I’m a northern girl from Manchester and my name is Amanda Marks. I am an ‘accidental Entrepreneur”. If I can Make it happen any of you can…..I started my career as an Au Pair and today I work out of an office in Harley Street. A massive leap that happened in an incredibly organic way.

I always had an interest in children, but I lacked confidence and the ability to study. No qualifications meant no prime positions from Agencies, I had to start as an au-pair doing menial jobs and working my way up.

My First break, I am now a maternity nurse working with newborn twins, this is the start of ten years  –  of delivering beautifully trained children in regimented routines of sleep and feeding. I am pleasing hundreds of parents all over the world. I genuinely feel that I am doing my very best for all.

Seven years later I had a wake up call. My  3rd child had bronchiolitis and he nearly died, his constant distress through crying  would only settle when I provided skin to skin and breastfeeding. I had to fight my doctor as my instincts screamed that my child needed this and I was right. My paediatrician confirmed I saved my baby's life.

Empowered by my success with my own child I started my journey promoting attachment  parenting supporting parents to answer their children, from this  I created my own,  unique programme that I deliver to families all over the world. An incredible accident with incredible opportunities – YES but the secret of my success really is that I was listening to my mother instincts and had a genuine desire to answer the needs of the children and families that passed through my life.  

I Never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but it is something I was clearly meant to do, it is my calling, everyone has a role in life, my programme is offered for any parent in any profession.

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