Frankie Graddon

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My first proper fashion memory is of my mum, standing at the school gates when I was little, wearing a pair of leopard print leggings with an old leather jacket.

Compared to all of the other mums, she might as well had been wearing a space suit, she looked so different. 
I am sure that at the time I was mortified but when I got older I came to appreciate the power of clothes. The power of individuality and how what you wear can make a lasting impression. Clothes are our armour but they are also our personality. 

I am often asked to talk about trends but the truth is, I’m not a trend fan. As Iris Apfel once said “If something’s in fashion and I look like a horse’s ass in it then why would I buy it?” No one wants to look in the mirror and see someone else and the age old saying of “don’t let the dress wear you” certainly rings true.

I believe that you look best when you feel like you, that I look best when I feel like me and that we all feel best when we wear what we feel good in. Be that a pair of this season Yves Saint Laurent disco boots, an ancient jumper or, like my mum, a pair of leopard print leggings.

Catalina Silva Griffin