Mahmoud Faysal Fayyad

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My family and I came to Luxembourg after the start of the Syrian war. My hometown Raqqa wasn’t save for us anymore. To leave was a devastating decision, that we were forced to take. We now have rebuilt our lives thanks to our pop-up restaurant Syriously. We share authentic Syrian food inspired by our tradition and welcome our customers with an open heart.

“Food always has been important to me. It became my strongest passion, it builds relationships, connects people with all different backgrounds. Brings us together. Around the table we have a space to share our hopes, dreams and visions.

Our new home created a save place for us and I got to follow my passion due to the support of so many - My dream of running a restaurant and hosting people came true. It became a warm place, where people often find their 2nd living room. It conquered the heart of Luxembourg's inhabitants to my surprise in no time. It’s not about the perfection of a high class interior design, it’s the mindset the creates the atmosphere, that welcomes everyone equally and makes them feel comfy. These are my values and I see the need of such a connecting space. The social factor is the essence of what makes me so passionate about it. You don’t only come and grab my food, you get a part of our passion delivered with it. 
Overwhelmed by the feedback, full house from the start, support from people I wouldn’t have met without starting this adventure, it drives me to dream and work towards a new chapter. 
I want to convert “Syriously” to a permanent address at a new location as we need to leave the building soon, a meeting place and location for delicious Syrian food served by my wonderful crew, that became close friends and family. Our all future could start together at one place, independently, building bridges in all possible ways.

My vision is to create a cultural centre to build bridges between locals and foreigners, between different cultures and languages.”

Would you like to dream big with Mahmoud? Would you like to create that space with him? Who knows about locations or can support in any other way? Let’s convert the yellow Dot into a red one. Make someone happy!

Food is Love, Food is Home, it’s Mahmoud’s soul!

Catalina Silva Griffin