Elinor Pitt


Hi my name is Elinor. A year ago I set up a business, I didn’t know what the business would do exactly but I knew two things for sure. First, mass production is challenging the environment. Second, technology can be used to help change this.  

In the age of technical acceleration, everything is changing and that includes interiors. We now have an ability to give greater power back to the customer and we do this using 3D customisation technology and Augmented Reality. 

The role of the interior designer is to help customers/clients have the confidence to make quite large purchasing decisions. Much like fashion, interior design is an extension of your personality, the difference being that your home has a greater degree of permanence and is perhaps less a reflection of your mood and more a reflection of your soul and the direction of your life.

Products are often designed, mass produced, photographed and then stored in warehouses but this is incredibly wasteful from an environmental perspective. This is why 3D customisation is the future of shopping. Things are customised unique to each customer before anything is actually made.

Stitched launched one month ago and we believe it’s time for a new generation of sustainable, well made products. We are starting with curtains and blinds!

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