Carmen Rendell


8 years ago I watched Eat, Love, Pray crying, seeing a mirror of my story unfold on the big screen. I was lost and disconnected with my soul.

4 years later, still searching for something, I got off a racing boat from China asking myself what is was that I really wanted in life. Only weeks later I stood in front of the ‘Modern Day Wizard’. He asked me to step onto a yellow rug. He asked where I was. The Himalayas I said. He watched my body. 

I stepped onto a purple rug. Where are you? I'm in my old job. He watched my body.

You know what Carmen. Wherever you are in the world, be it an adventure or at home, you feel the same. Sounds familiar?  I spent the next 2 years tuning in to me, and my passions for  people... who we are, how we tick.

I’m now finishing a three year counselling diploma, work in an addiction centre and I am launching Soulhub - for those looking for the inspiration I stumbled across. My dream is to build a physical place where I and others will work as mind and body therapists.

The place your heart knows and your soul craves. ...where lost souls are found. For now, we've just launched our first Journal. Real stories from authentic people. And each day Soulhub brings me magic. It really does. It’s really all about discovering who you are and your soul purpose. This will put you on the journey you were truly meant to embark on in life.

Catalina Silva Griffin