Anna Skodbo

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I love what I do, but some aspects of our industry don’t sit well with me. I realised this soon after I started Phannatiq in 2010.

Rebellion isn't a haircut or a disruptive print. It's taking a good look at how our industry works and choosing to go against the grain when you don't like its direction.

Banning retouching model photos was my first rebellion. Then I ditched the model archetype entirely. Today Phannatiq uses between six and ten people – stunning people – some with wrinkles, some with blemishes, some with rolls of fat. And our product shots have never looked so good!

The second rebellion came with launching the Phannatiq online shop. We don't have a men’s or women’s section because who are we to decide what our customers feel great in? We also avoid traditional sizing where possible. Instead we use letters and show garments on several body types, so people can choose how they want the garment to fit.

The third rebellion – the one I'm excited to tell you about today – is our new transparency project. We've made the entire Phannatiq supply chain visible for scrutiny. Click on “how it’s made” under any garment to see its story: from fibre manufacture through to finishing. With links, certifications, images, even factory tour videos.

Our transparency project took a year and a half's hard work. We learned a lot. We cut against the grain. But it was the right thing to do. I've been asked how I'd feel if others copied our idea. And I really hope they do. I hope there's a shift in the fabric of the clothing world.

Catalina Silva Griffin