Nicola St Louis


If you become your own creative consultant at the age of 4, it does set you on a certain path, you could say. And like most children, I blame... My mother! Who had studied fashion design, subconsciously bought me into her fashion team - everything I wore until the age of around 10 was a 'St. Louis couture'.

My earliest fashion memory was my mother making me some dungarees. These ones were jade green.
She asked me if I wanted 'green stitching to match, or pink stitching to pop' - of course I chose the pink. I didn't want those dungarees to look normal - God forbid! It seems that this turned into something of a mission statement for me which was perpetuated by frequent trips to the John Lewis pattern department, browsing through vogue paper patterns to see what we could conjure up. Of course we went off message. Designs were edited, colours changed and embellishment added. The end result a true original.

I didn't know it at the time but, this was incredible fashion training. We were designing, styling and fashion editing. Creating things that were all about personality and a point of difference - an important distinction and philosophy. I think it's important for everyone to preserve for and within themselves.
Be true to your most original self. I don’t care if 'not normal' in fact that is the way I keep my integrity intact. 

Cultivate your creative point of view by exposing yourself to anything and everything, and then don't be afraid not to buck the trend.

It was this freedom of self- expression and creativity that placed me firmly on the fashion path I walk today -  via a detour to a politics degree  - so I actually consider myself a reformed politician - shouldn't they all be??... But that really is another story...

Catalina Silva Griffin