Stephanie Yeboah


All my life, I'd been taught to hate my body because it fell outside of what society, my family and eventually, what I considered to be beautiful. I got the message.

I grew up in a pretty average African household - I was always chubby. I was bullied both verbally and physically in school by boys so I became extremely shy and withdrawn. I didn't and to this day, still don't have any influences when it comes to fashion, as I didn't see anyone out there who looked like me. The definition of beauty was and still is: westernised/white, slim and thus beautiful.

In 2013 I decided that I wanted to treat myself to a beach holiday. I felt I needed a bikini body so I decided to lose weight doing things that were dangerous to me. I became 4 stone smaller than I am now. I finally had the body that was appealing to the masses, yet I looked at myself in the mirror it was at the time of my 23 birthday and I felt disgusted with myself.

It was at that point that I decided to stop living for others, and to embrace the body and the skin that I am in. I decided to fall back in love with myself, and I created my blog ‘Nerd About Town’ to encourage women to share the stories of their journey of self-love, and to help inspire them to fall in love with their bodies.

I sometimes still have voices in my head that make me doubt the beauty of my individuality and I find that making a list of the things that I love about myself helps me a lot. I repeat those things to myself every day like a mantra, I hope my minute at Hub Dot will encourage you to do the same and change any destructive narrative you may have about your body.

Catalina Silva Griffin