Kimberly Parsons


Italians show you they love you by feeding you and I was brought up in a Sicilian family so I was surrounded by food all the time. I would watch my Sicilian Nonno grow his own vegetables in his suburban Melbourne backyard and help my Nonna create simple, yet delicious peasant food out of them.

Food has always been at the centre of my journey through life and at the heart of my entrepreneurial story which started as a private chef feeding and nourishing clients.

Then a late night, candlelit yoga class, I collapsed onto my mat feeling utterly exhausted yet more calm, connected and alive than I had ever felt......and an opportunity arose in that yoga studio and The Retreat Cafe was born which rapidly became a hugely successful business ......I was living the dream .....

One cafe became 2, then 3 and a commercial kitchen and life got seriously busy! Throw in a book deal and everything seemed to be going well. I was juggling a 7 day a week business from 4 locations around London, with 45 staff members. Instead of enjoying the beautiful creation of food every day, I was stuck behind a laptop trying to make it all work!

Somewhere along the line I had fallen out of love with my business and this incredible disconnection to myself had emerged. I found myself waking up everyday wondering whom I was I doing this for because it certainly didn't feel like me anymore. I was miserable. And that entrepreneurial journey came to an end. I sold up!

Yet I knew deep down I still wanted to feed people and use my naturopathic skills to help them understand and intuitively connect with their body for lifelong health. Becoming 'The Whole You' is a 6 week  programme Wellness Plan that I have created and I am developing an online website platform too.

My business doesn’t involve staff – I work from home, cook people individually designed healthy food and the business I have been able to create is incredibly rewarding, authentic and sustainable. I am juiced by what I do – I feel like I can keep doing this forever and never get tired and that’s how I know I have found my true path. 

Catalina Silva Griffin