Audrey Wiggin


My journey as an entrepreneur… well it started as anything but that…. I studied Neuroscience and Physiology at Oxford University, followed by 16 years working at Deutsche Bank and UBS in Equities.. then with four children under four  I realised that my career had to be flexible, I didn’t want to spend my days feeling guilty, finding the nativity play clashed with a mega pitch.

I now get to work with successful business people, many of whom are women, I have total flexibility over my calendar, and I genuinely get to go home and feel I’ve made a difference to someone that day.  I coach women who are battling it out in the corporate world, climbing the ladder and breaking through glass ceilings, I also get to coach female entrepreneurs, who are setting up and running their own businesses and wearing multiple hats as Founder and CEO, and often juggling family and children at the same time. 

So I’d love to help YOU in YOUR entrepreneurial journey. I have designed a ‘Mastermind Group’ as I have identified that many entrepreneurs are lonely, cash poor, and desperately seeking new contacts. Meeting regularly you will have your own hot seat to bring your issue to the table, plus some time for teaching and development.  We tackle negotiation skills, work life balance, being paid what you’re worth, public speaking, the never-ending to-do list…to issues like ‘fake it till you make it’……I see such wonderful camaraderie and friendships strike up in these groups, and many useful connections and contacts are shared.  If you think you might be interested come and talk to me. 

Ultimately, my overarching passion is seeing us all becoming self-aware, empowered, and truly believing we can succeed in our own individual journeys. My one line of advice is to get some support – we all need someone there to act as a pressure release valve. It might be your mum, your partner, your coach, your best mate, but it’s super important you have someone that will listen to you and help you to think at your best. 

Catalina Silva Griffin