Angela Kennedy


I am 66 and not afraid to say it. For forty years I’ve signed in as Angela Kennedy of Woman, Woman & Home and Good Housekeeping. Now, it’s just plain me, with no badge and it feels strange, rather like being cast adrift. 

So what happens in the fashion industry when you reach typical retirement age – in an industry where, contrary to what many people might think, age and experience are hugely valued?

You reinvent!

Today I am a FREE-LANCE with no deadlines and Editors to please and I am a yellow Dot because I am ready to combine my wealth of knowledge that a long history with magazines has given me with my love of the arts – a new path, another chapter.

My roadblocks? I need to conquer my tech phobia first and foremost. For the millennials in the room tonight... just think... way back before iPhones and MacBooks, I covered the Paris collections phoning my copy back to London from my Paris hotel land line!

Come and find me and enlighten me. Fashion can transcend age and cultures. I have so much to give back in exchange.

Catalina Silva Griffin