Rebecca Kramer


Hi my name is Rebecca. It’s a funny thing that in crowded European cities we feel overwhelmed and often crave to find a space where we can get away from it all.

Yet, where I come from and in many parts of the world, isolation can be very challenging, particularly for women living in rural male dominated communities.

I was born in a remote part of Argentina at the foot of the Andes. My feeling of isolation was compounded by having severe hearing difficulties. By the time I was a teenager, I was pregnant and had moved to live in Buenos Aires.

My isolated journey continued to Paris where I was suddenly given an incredible opportunity and was launched into the world of fashion through modelling.

This year I founded Aessai - inspired by my South American roots in particular Manos del Uruguay which is a Non Profit organisation run by cooperatives of women in rural Uruguay.

Their beautiful feather light knitwear is world-renowned and they produce lines for some of the most prestigious labels in the industry.

I know what fashion has done for me and I’m proud to be an advocate and supporter as I know only too well what fashion can do for them.

Catalina Silva Griffin