Connect - Making connections based on unique and multidimensional stories

We replace societal labels with five coloured Dots that enable each individual to step into an authentic space where conversation begins with ‘what is your story?’ and not ‘what do you do’.

When we collectively banish titles, job descriptions and preconceived hierarchies, we give all members of our community the opportunity to make connections based on their unique and multidimensional stories. By allowing Dot Alchemy to take hold, we suddenly see that surprising and inspirations are only a click or a conversation away.

For example, today for your Dot Digital profile you pick a red Dot with all its personalised connections and inspiring content; then tomorrow, you head to a local event and decide that a green Dot represents you best. Then during the event, you become inspired to start a new company, so the next day you change your Dot Digital profile to yellow.

It's Your Dot. Your Story. Ever changing, ever expanding.

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