Our Philosophy


At a time of peak inequality and political division, we believe there is a better way of connecting people that starts to bridge the gaps. One that strips away labels and levels the playing field so that people can have a truly transformational conversation.

 We want the world to discover the language of the Dots and embrace the Hub Dot philosophy as a way of bridging these gaps on a global scale, across national boundaries, cultural barriers and language limitations. 

Whether you’re an individual looking for personal and professional fulfilment, a government organisation who wants to improve local community relations or a corporate looking to transform the way employees feel at work, just let the Dots work their magic.



Our Values

The Hub Dot way is instinctive. Our values have emerged organically through an ethos that defines our culture and the way we do business; guiding how we behave towards each another and interact with those around us.


Breaking down barriers and creating connections. We build bridges by celebrating the uniqueness of individuals, inspiring the connections that grow communities. 




Being mindful of our impact and acting in consideration of others. Building a bond with our community by consistently showing empathy and kindness to each other. 




Choosing to believe in one other to do the right thing. Creating safe spaces for people to act with confidence and respect; and in truth, integrity and authenticity.




Being real. Working hard to remove societal labels and encouraging everyone to be the most realistic version of themselves.




Spreading the love of connecting and the power of the Dots. Being inclusive and encouraging involvement, sharing what's important to us and unlocking new connections.