Our Philosophy


A burning desire for Hub Dot to become the single environment where women can make the connections that are going to help them move forward and make an impact on their life has seen us grow from a gathering of 98 women to a community of over 31,000 in five years.

Our passion is to inspire women and connect communities all over the world, through the power of storytelling and the language of Alchemy. We exist to help women find connections of consequence.



Our Vision

We want the world to discover our language, connecting people meaningfully on a global scale…from a CEO of an international company to a baker in a remote village in the countryside, a philanthropist to a fashionista, a writer to a storyteller, an artist on one side of the world to a gallery owner on the other.



Our Values

The Hub Dot way of doing things is instinctive. Our values have emerged not through discussion groups or top down insistence on principles, but an emerging ethos that defines the way in which we operate, our culture, how we behave with one another and interact with those around us.


It’s about more than just one person. Creating connections and building bridges to amplify the soulfulness that exists everywhere around us.




Thinking of others. Building a bond with society by showing kindness to others.




Believing in each other. Everything we do is based on the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability & fairness of those around us.




No secrets. Encouraging honesty and sharing, so that people are heard and differences to be recognised and respected.




Being real. Working hard to remove societal labels and encouraging everyone to be the most realistic version of themselves.




Spreading the love. Encouraging involvement, from the inside out.




Having a conscience. Making sure we do the right thing whether someone, or no one, is watching.




Giving. Sharing what we value and give to others with the intention of making the world a happier place.