So you think you know about making connections.

Think again.



A Hub Dot event is a unique experience. 

Dots, Storytelling, Alchemy...the active ingredients at every event. Combined they create a collective energy, a spirit of togetherness and a contagious sense that you can shape your own life and that reinvention is always possible. Our formula is tried, tested and proven to work in different formats, environments, countries and with diverse audiences. 

We have storytellers, not speakers

Our storytellers are not selected on the basis of status. There’s no big fanfare, no slide show, only authentic stories shared straight from the heart. In one minute.

No labels. No badges.

Unlike traditional networking events, we encourage conversations to start with "What's your story?"  rather than "What do you do?". At a Hub Dot event it’s about who you are. No badges, no labels. Only five coloured Dots.

Picking a Dot

Our Alchemists will ask you to select the coloured sticker Dot that represents your mindset at that moment, how you’re feeling that day. If you change your mind at any time, you can also change your Dot.


Alchemy is the moment when two people's stories intersect and collaborations take off. You might be looking for a new mentor, someone with whom you can discuss ideas, a business partner, a charity you want to support. Or simply some inspiration to move you on from where you currently find yourself.

Would you like to tell your story at one of our events?