Your Dot. Your Story.


A community for women to be inspired and connect through storytelling.

We remove preconceived societal labels – a title, a CV, a job description - and replace them with 5 Dots as a way of giving women the freedom to explore and start a conversation with  ‘What is your story?’ instead of ‘What do you do?’ giving opportunity the chance to find the real you. And this is what we call Alchemy.

At the core of Hub Dot is the mission to revolutionise the way women network, regardless of whether they are in business, at the school gate, in higher education or philanthropy. By creating a space for authentic connections, we use the concept of the Italian piazza to bring storytelling back to the centre of society.



“Hub Dot…you are a force of nature… you have encouraged me to take control of my personal and professional life. I am smiling and fulfilled.”